Become An Affiliate Too – It is Simple With Awin!

Whether you are an established blogger/influencer/website owner, or just starting out…Awin offers a simple and effective way to start generating extra revenue and partner with leading brands and well-known retailers – for more information just visit:-

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The registration process is quick and straight forward and they usually approve within 48hrs, so you can use this time to familiarise yourself with how it all works, their terms and the new publisher information and you are ready to start earning!

Although there are other affiliate networks out there, I use because:-

> it is really simple to set up and once the links are in, it is all automated
> they provide well-designed branded banners & widgets etc which look really professional on your site and give extra credibility, rather than say some of the random companies that pop up with other ad networks
> they pride themselves on promoting ethical and transparent affiliate marketing
> they are originally a UK company, although now operating globally, their HQ is still in London
> they have excellent support/customer service
> their dashboard/interface is easy to use with lots of tools
> they are one of the most established and largest affiliate networks and have recently acquired ShareASale – they have over 13,000 retailers and 100,000 publishers using them globally
> they have a brilliant WP plug-in that will go back over your old posts and automatically convert your existing product links to revenue generating ones
> as they have 1000’s of big name brands and well-known retailers on board – you are sure to find retailers selling products and brands that you already use and talk about on your blog/website/social media, and/or products and service that you don’t provide, but your audience would be interested in

Brands that partner with Awin to allow publishers like you (i.e. website owners, bloggers, influencers etc) to promote them to your audience include: John Lewis, Boden, Aviva, Vodafone, M&S, Expedia,, Waitrose, O2, BT, Travelodge, BooHoo, PC World and lots more!

For more information visit:-

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