How Does It Work?

Cashback is when you earn money back when you purchase a product or service, complete a survey, take part in a trial or compare quotes via a cashback site.  Cashback websites, such as Quidco, provide the functionality and tracking needed for retailers and companies to know where the referral to their website came from so they can pay your cashback.

How Does Shopping Cashback Work?
  1. Register with a reputable cashback site
  2. Search the cashback site for the retailer(s) that you want to shop with
  3. Click on the special link to the retailer’s website
  4. Shop and checkout on the retailer’s site
  5. Start earning your cashback rewards!

Figures show that, on average, people earn £200-300+ per year with cashback sites.  You can earn cashback on many types of purchases including:-

  • Retail/Consumer Goods: Toys, Food, Furniture, Electrical, Fashion, Fragrances, Gifts.
  • Finance: Credit Cards, Insurance, Stocks & Shares ISAs.
  • Utilities: Mobile Phones, Telecoms.
  • Travel: Cars, Car Rental, Airport Parking, Holidays.
  • Leisure & Food: Gym Memberships, Theatre Tickets, Restaurants, Take-aways.
  • Other: Health & Beauty, Auction Sites, Charities, Online Cards, Pet Food/Products/Medicine.

As well as earning cashback for yourself, if you wish, you can also choose to donate some or all of your cashback rewards directly to charity, or even directly into a savings account for your children!

You can view our favourite Cashback UK Sites to register with here.

Happy Shopping!