How to Monetise Your Parenting Blog – 4 Quick Starter Steps!

After doing a lot of research on affiliate marketing for my own sites/blogs, I decided to create a quick and easy guide showing other parents how to monetise their parenting blog using the most simple and effective affiliate marketing method I’ve found so far which is

If you mention or review products in your blog, then generating extra revenue on your blog through affiliate links makes perfect business sense.  It simply means that when you review, mention or recommend a product and a reader wants to buy it, you can make a referral commission if they purchase it via a link on your blog/website.  It does not cost you or your readers anything and once the link is in place, it is fully automated – so your blog posts can be generating you repeat revenue now and in the future, 24hrs a day 7 days a week!

I fully believe that good Parenting & Lifestyle Bloggers are providing a service by helping others find the best products for their needs, and therefore saving them time and money – so if someone clicks through to buy something you’ve helped them discover, then it is great if you can get a small commission to help support your site so you can continue to help others.  If Affiliate Marketing is done transparently and ethically, it really is a win-win for you and your readers!

4 Quick Starter Steps to Monetise a Lifestyle Blog or Parenting Blog  Today:-

  1. Register as a Publisher with – the registration process is quick and straight forward and they approve within 48hrs, you can use this time to familiarise yourself with their terms and the New Publisher information.   Although there are other affiliate networks out there, I love and recommend for a few reasons including:-
    > it really is simple to set up and once the links are in, it is all automated
    > they pride themselves on promoting ethical and transparent affiliate marketing
    > they are originally a UK company, although now operating globally, their HQ is still in London
    > they have excellent support/customer service
    > their dashboard/interface is easy to use with lots of tools
    > the brand/retailer images/links you have access to are professionally designed
    > they are one of the most established and largest affiliate networks and have recently acquired ShareASale
    > if you use WordPress, they have a brilliant plug-in that will go back over your old posts and automatically convert your existing product links to revenue generating ones
    > they have 100’s of big name brands and retailers on board which are relevant to the Parent  & Lifestyle Blogging market  (inc. John Lewis, The White Company, Next, TK Maxx, M&S, Mothercare, Mama & Papa’s, ELC, Boden,, Gap & JoJo Maman Bebe) as well as Etsy!
  2. Browse for Brands & Retailer Programmes to Join – once your account has been approved, you can easily browse for advertiser programmes to join, review their terms and click to apply – if you have a quality blog (even if you don’t have much traffic yet), most brands & retailers will love to have you on-board.
  3. Add an Affiliate Disclosure to your Blog – while you wait to be approved make sure you add an affiliate disclosure to your website – gives more information on it here.  Maybe take a look at some other blogs, some include a line in each post (as below), some text at the bottom of the blog that is always there and/or a link to an affiliate disclosure page in the top menu – I believe in being completely transparent so I try to do all of these if I can.
  4. Add the Affiliate Links – once approved, you have access to personalised tracking affiliate links and images you can use on your site, these can then be easily added to your blog.  If you use WordPress, has a brilliant plugin called Convert-A-Link, this will go back over your blog post and convert product mentions to revenue generating links – without changing the way they look, saving you hours of work!  It is very straightforward, although it may sound a little daunting, but provides some excellent tutorials if you get stuck, or you can contact their helpful customer support.

Once you have completed the above, you just need to keep doing what you have been doing (i.e. writing quality posts and promoting your blog) – the affiliate links are all automated and you can see on your Awin dashboard how many people click through and go on to buy products from the brands/retailers you have linked to, and most importantly you can start to see how much extra revenue you have generated.

Good Luck!

Feel free to email me any questions: and follow me @entrepremummy to keep updated with more information and tips on Awin and other ways to grow your business!

(*This article contains affiliate links – which means if you click on one, I may receive a commission, this does not cost you anything, but helps support my website allowing me to continue helping others too – thanks for your support!)

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